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Anybody else out there having a difficulty just trying to make time to be creative?


Life seems out of control and out of balance, and while I know painting Mandalas is a great way to bring balance, I can't seem to find the time for the life of me!


Interesting phrase, no? For the life of me.. it actually IS... and I need to make it a priority. 


Past year I've worked harder than ever, had absolutely no time for myself or my relationships, and no time for ART, and, on top of it all, I made less money than ever. Something is definitely not right. 


I pray all the time for "Clear Guidance, Direction, and Protection"... I think maybe just reading the above statement shows me part of the answer to that prayer. 


If it does not work, make a change!! I'm re-evaluating and re-prioritizing how I spend my time this year!


Thanks for hanging in there with me through the silent times... I'm going to commit to placing a new piece up on the site within the next few weeks. How about everyone else? 


I wish all of you a Very Blessed and Happy New Year !!

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