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Well, one painting a year is better than none, I guess :-)

Just looking at that last post... Can't believe it's been a year! 

This year I am making definite changes in my life so that it's not all about 

the "rat race", so that I have time to paint and to write... and spend 

time with our aging parents, our children and our friends :-)

( I'll let you know how that goes! And hopefully not a year from now!)

I wish you all a great 2012 ~ and please make time for the important things!

Blessings, love and light~…


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Have you had a personal Mandala experience you'd like to share?

On my website I am adding a page for people to share their personal experience(s) with Mandala Art.

What better place to ask people if they'd like to share than on this site?

So if you have a personal story that demonstrates how Mandalas have revealing, enlightening, healing and/or transformational properties, please feel free to email them to me at

Please try to keep the writing very concise, and keep to relevant information. I reserve the right to edit… Continue

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Pick up Trash! Make Art!

I have started a new series of mandalas called Pick up Trash! Make Art!

The mandalas gently urge others to pick up their trash and recycle. It spreads the message in a fun way without being preachy.

I talk walks around outside taking pictures of the trash, then picking it up. Some of the trash pictures are then made into mandalas. I also like to play around with the mandalas and transform them into something new and different.

Plastic World is one of my base… Continue

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Coloring Mandalas

I am not sure how many people here are interested in coloring mandalas, but I have made some mandalas for coloring to share. They are little mandalas, only about 2 inches around. I find they are nice to do on a busy day when I don't have much time to relax.

I have blogged about them here:

And have them available as a free download at Lulu.

I tried to upload the files to… Continue

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Old themes and new directions

I am expanding in a new direction on my digital mandalas. I enjoy making abstract digital art and I have made some of this into mandalas. I also enjoy playing around with colors and filters after I have made the mandala to get a lots new mandalas.

I have just posted two of my mandalas made from my abstract art, two exclusives I am only posting here.

The third mandala is a preview for my new gallery:

All the… Continue

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Mandala Article in Dec/Winter Reiki News Magazine

Hello All!

I just wanted to share that I have an article in the current Winter (Dec-Feb) issue of Reiki News magazine!

You can find it in Barnes and Noble & Borders ~ I'm not sure about smaller bookstores. Or I can maybe post it somewhere on this site... hmmmm... I'll try that. Anyway, it's entitled "Mandalas, Healing and Higher Consciousness" if you want to check it out! I'm excited!

I send everyone love, blessings and wishes for a great Christmas / Holiday…

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Just a weed

This latest series comes from a photo of a lone weed growing out of a small crack in the sidewalk. That's it - just sidewalk and weed. If you look very close, some of them also have a ladybug.

I like the interaction of nature with traditonal urban elments. Many of my mandalas have a plant or part of a plant along with urban materials like sidewalk or brick.

You might have noticed that the photos start with 2. Weed mandala #1 is on one of my other blogs.

I would… Continue

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Urban Mandalas and Everyday Mandalas

I like to create mandalas from photos of urban images and everyday objects. Many people associate inner peace with "peaceful settings" - forest, beaches, mountains, fields of flowers. Peaceful places are generally envisioned as areas of nature far removed from major urban areas. I feel that peace is where you find it and where you create it.

Peace can be found in city side walks, in bridges, railroad tracks, buildings, railings, statures, monuments and a thousand other bits and… Continue

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Why I created this group:

Artists are a unique group ~ my brother calls us "special"~ and Mandala Artists are an even more unique group within the general group of artists!

Have you ever felt like it was difficult to explain to people what a Mandala is, or what it "does"? I felt that way when I first started studying Mandalas, and I also felt like I was in a group of people that was at best a great minority. When you did a Google search at that time, almost 10 years ago, it yielded 18 results if I remember… Continue

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