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Have you had a personal Mandala experience you'd like to share?

On my website I am adding a page for people to share their personal experience(s) with Mandala Art.
What better place to ask people if they'd like to share than on this site?
So if you have a personal story that demonstrates how Mandalas have revealing, enlightening, healing and/or transformational properties, please feel free to email them to me at
Please try to keep the writing very concise, and keep to relevant information. I reserve the right to edit for grammar, space, or understanding, but will make every effort to not change the essence or style of your story.
I think it will be very helpful to those who don't understand Mandalas to hear about the experience from those of us who do.
Thank you so much for considering this...
Have a beautiful and blessed day~ Namaste'! Janine

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