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This latest series comes from a photo of a lone weed growing out of a small crack in the sidewalk. That's it - just sidewalk and weed. If you look very close, some of them also have a ladybug.

I like the interaction of nature with traditonal urban elments. Many of my mandalas have a plant or part of a plant along with urban materials like sidewalk or brick.

You might have noticed that the photos start with 2. Weed mandala #1 is on one of my other blogs.

I would like to encourage people to view my other mandala art on wordpress. I load different mandalas here and on wordpress and I encourage people viewing my wordpress gallery to visit here.

I have 3 blogs on wordpress.

This is just the pictures.

I talk about my mandalas and show the photo each one came from. I also have a bonus mandala in each post not shown in the gallery. I have used weed mandala #1 for my intro post on my blog.

This is about editing pictures with Photoshop Elements and Microsoft Image Editor. Many of the pictures edited are mandalas.


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