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I have started a new series of mandalas called Pick up Trash! Make Art!

The mandalas gently urge others to pick up their trash and recycle. It spreads the message in a fun way without being preachy.

I talk walks around outside taking pictures of the trash, then picking it up. Some of the trash pictures are then made into mandalas. I also like to play around with the mandalas and transform them into something new and different.

Plastic World is one of my base mandalas. I didn’t do any changes to it after I made the mandala.

Pop Art and Antique Trash are mandalas I played around with a little bit. The original trash is still recognizable though.

Grape Splash is one I played around with quite a bit. It is completely transformed with only the shape of the bottle as a small hint of what it was.

You can find more of my trash mandalas at my mandala blog


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