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I like to create mandalas from photos of urban images and everyday objects. Many people associate inner peace with "peaceful settings" - forest, beaches, mountains, fields of flowers. Peaceful places are generally envisioned as areas of nature far removed from major urban areas. I feel that peace is where you find it and where you create it.

Peace can be found in city side walks, in bridges, railroad tracks, buildings, railings, statures, monuments and a thousand other bits and pieces of the city. And cities are full of nature too, trees, green grass, flowers, rivers, formal gardens and scattered bits of greenery. So when I make a photo of a tree or flower, that's an urban mandala as well. All the images are from a major urban area. Most of my images are from DC where I work, though I have some pictures of nearby Baltimore as well.

Everyday objects have their appeal as well. Thread and buttons, fresh fruits and vegtables, the packages of good and soda. Reflecting on the beauty of everyday things also bring peace to your heart


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